The Count Project

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I partake in The Count Project, where I represent the Montague family (along with my close friends that play Dragon Cave). I try to describe all my Montagues.

Here is my vampires’ biting history:


Count Secundus – 2G (CB on /lineage)

Count Daedalus – 2G (CB on /lineage)

Countess Azel – 4G (CB on /lineage)

Countess Demonne – 4G (CB on /lineage)

Countess Fuchsia – 2G (3G on /lineage)

Countess Raccolta – 3G (3G on /lineage)

Count Lacerat – 4G (3G on /lineage)

Count Luminous – 3G (5G on /lineage)


Countess Vespa – 5G (4G on /lineage)

Count Tau – 5G (14G on /lineage)

Count Sanguine – 3G (5G on /lineage)

Count Nurmi – impure (5G on /lineage)

Countess Nerene – 7G (4G on /lineage)

Countess Anumati – 8G (4G on /lineage)

Count Cinnamon – 9G (4G on /lineage)

  • 2015-03-18: Lost (bArbB)

Count Corruption – 3G (4G on /lineage)

  • 2015-04-05: Lost (f7Ddt)

Countess Decapa – 5G (3G on /lineage)

Countess Chelicera – 3G (4G on /lineage)

(no bites yet)

Count Rust – 5G (6G on /lineage)

Count Venomous – 6G (4G on /lineage)

  • 2015-04-17: Lost (pCeG0)

Count Aderlass – 6G (3G on /lineage)

(no bites yet)

Countess Tachyon – 4G (9G on /lineage)

Countess Beefcake – impure (3G on /lineage)

(no bites yet)

Countess Xeosura – 7G (4G on /lineage)

(no bites yet)

Countess Diva – 8G (7G on /lineage)

(no bites yet)

Count Jagannath – 4G (3G on /lineage)

(no bites yet)

Count Nightshade – 7G (4G on /lineage)

Neike Taika-Tessaro